About Syd Sherrin

Syd has been involved with the football manufacturing business for over 40 years, and is very proud of his rich football heritage.

As a fourth generation football maker, he is a link to the original T.W. Sherrin, who designed and made the very first Australian Rules football back in 1879.

Syd has retired from the business, but continues the family tradition by making his own Syd Sherrin footballs. These footballs are personalised and handcrafted in Syd's garage, using the same techniques as the original Tom Sherrin used over 130 years ago.

Syd only makes a limited amount of footballs each year as the process is a very meticulous one, making each football by hand with his dedicated skill and precision to detail.

Syd has now written a book on his famous family; an in depth account of his family's migration from Ireland back in 1848 and leading through to the present day. It recounts with pride and passion how the football has evolved, and the remarkable association the family has had with the Collingwood Football Club. The Sherrin family has been actively involved as administrators over four generations, since the birth of the club in 1892.

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